Latest news published AUG 31 2023

Seth Holmes invited to EHESS

Seth Holmes, anthropologist and physician, is Chancellor’s Professor at UC Berkeley. He works on the social uses and variations of the body, and social inequalities in health and medicine, issues that are at the heart of the Gendhi ERC.

He took part in EHESS’s “Visiting Professors” program, at the suggestion of Muriel Darmon (CESSP) and Nathalie Bajos (IRIS), and was hosted at CESSP and IRIS from May 9 to June 9, 2023.

For Gendhi and IRIS, Seth Holmes led a seminar entitled “Collaborative Ethnography: Migration, Food Systems and Health”. His presentation was followed by a screening of his ethnographic film First Time Home (2021) and a discussion with members of Gendhi and IRIS.

For CESSP, Seth Holmes presented his work during a seminar entitled “Training for Unequal Care: Social Inequities and the Clinical Gaze”.