Latest news published SEP 12 2023

The Gendhi team reunited at Royaumont!

For its first edition, the Gendhi residential seminar brought together the entire team (PhD students, post-docs and PIs) and researchers associated with the Gender and health inequalities ERC project at Royaumont Abbey on 11 and 12 July 2023.

The aim of this seminar was to reflect collectively on the work carried out in order to place it back in the context of the project, in other words, to discuss scientifically together (across disciplines, methods, research themes and status) the subjects that are at the core of Gendhi, based on the initial results of the various research projects. The aim of this first collective seminar was to gradually strengthen the team’s capacity for multi-disciplinary discussion, through numerous exchanges in different groups. It also provided a mid-term vision, 3 years after the start of the project.

Two broad, common and transversal questions were chosen for this seminar, through the pooling of (initial) results according to gender and ‘race’, social belonging being more often dealt with in our work, and more easily tackled by the different disciplines. By returning, initially in small groups, to the major questions of the Gendhi project, the collective presentations and discussions brought out the importance of the articulation of the different social relationships – the weight of gender varying according to the pathologies and the moments in the cascade studied – and the links between qualitative and quantitative research in a more complementary way, while underlining the need to clarify the languages of the different disciplines.