Publications posté le 22 FéV 2024


Muriel Darmon vient de publier son ouvrage Socialization dans la collection Key Concepts aux éditions Polity.


How does society form and transform individuals? Sociology has been asking this question since its inception and “socialization” has been analyzed from different vantage points by various prominent thinkers.

Socialization offers an overview of some of these perspectives in the classic work of key theorists and in contemporary research that has either developed or challenged these ideas. The book argues that, while socialization has sometimes been framed as an outdated, static approach, it in fact remains highly relevant and continues to provide valuable insight into how we come to act and think as we do. Drawing on a wide variety of empirical examples, the book offers a lively, accessible account of primary and secondary socialization, and how they interconnect. By considering socialization as a process that continues throughout the life course, the book highlights the dynamic and enduring ways in which the social world is involved in shaping and reshaping individuals, shedding productive light on the effects of class, gender, and race, as well as on inequality and domination.

Socialization will appeal to students and scholars in sociology, as well as other disciplines such as psychology and education.–9781509553686

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