published MAY 03 2024

Postdoctoral Fellow “Aging and Cognitive Decline”

Deadline for Application: 22/03/2024

General Information

Workplace: PARIS 06
Scientific Supervisors: Muriel Darmon
Contract Type: Fixed-term contract (CDD)
Contract Duration: 24 months
Contract Start Date: September 2024
Workload: Full-time
Salary: €2992.93 gross
Desired Education Level: Level 8 – (Doctorate)
Desired Experience: Not specified
CN Sections: Sociology and Law Sciences

Job Description

The Gendhi project aims to understand how social relations and dominations articulate to account for social health inequalities from early childhood to adulthood. The research is structured around two complementary questions: (i) How are (un)healthy bodies socially constructed? (ii) Is the use of healthcare and healthcare provision different according to the social properties of sick individuals?
The approach is resolutely multidisciplinary, combining sociology, demography, economics, and epidemiology, in close collaboration with clinician-researchers.
This project is led by Nathalie Bajos, sociologist-demographer, research director at INSERM, Muriel Darmon, sociologist, Research Director at CNRS, Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Research Director at the Paris School of Economics, and Michelle Kelly-Irving, epidemiologist, research fellow at INSERM.
The objective of this post-doctoral position is to examine cognitive declines associated with aging and their medical or hospital care, within or outside the framework of Alzheimer’s-type dementia. It will pay particular attention to social inequalities in aging, age-related social relations, and “lifecourse” dimensions.
The research will be mainly qualitative (through observations and interviews) or mixed (qualitative and quantitative). However, it must in any case engage with the quantitative research conducted within the Gendhi project on the elderly and aging. In disciplinary terms, this sociological research must also be able to engage with the other disciplines of the project.

Main Activities

  • Participation in the scientific life of the Gendhi project.
  • Collection of qualitative data through interviews and observations, transcription of interviews, keeping a field journal for observations (an observation report, distinct from the field journal, and transcribed interviews will be added to the collectively collected Gendhi materials).
  • Writing scientific articles.
  • Presentation of work and participation in Gendhi working groups and seminars.
  • This list is neither exhaustive nor limiting.
  • 20% of working time can be dedicated to valorizing previous work, especially the thesis.


Mandatory Criteria

  • Ph.D. in sociology, completed or with a defense date before the end of April 2024.
  • Experience and mastery of sociological approach and qualitative methods.
  • Familiarity with quantitative methods (including being able to conduct a literature review, engage and collaborate with quantitative researchers).
  • Autonomy.

Useful but not Essential Skills

  • Experience with quantitative methods.
  • Previous experience in field surveys related to health or aging.


Work Context

Recruitment is associated with the Gender and Health Inequalities (Gendhi) research project. This project has received funding from the European Research Council, through the “ERC-Synergy-2019” call, for a duration of 7 years.
The recruited person will become a post-doctoral fellow in the CESSP laboratory (UMR 8209 / CNRS, EHESS, Paris 1) and will be hosted in the premises of the Gendhi project on the Condorcet campus.
Submission Guidelines

Each application must include a CV and a brief cover letter.

Deadline: March 22, 2024